Our Approach

At U.S. Boston, we think big and focus small. 

We provide a steady approach to wealth management that is grounded in a long term view of the global economy and a firm conviction in both analytical market truths and human behavior. In other words, we are big picture thinkers – over time and across markets.

We believe profitable investments will be tied to improved productivity, increased demand, and the ability to generate sustainable cash flow over time. No amount of marketing or hype will convince us that an investment makes sense if we can't figure out the small details, i.e. how the investment generates sustainable cash flow for its owners.

We believe that markets and investment firms lose sight of these truths at times, creating both risk and opportunity. By maintaining a consistent philosophy, a steady hand and a global view, we believe we can provide attractive long-term returns to our investors.

We do not believe in playing "zero sum games" with our clients' money by putting them in investments in which structurally there will always be a winner and a loser. Investment capital, like labor, knowledge and natural resources, is an input to economic growth. If it is not being used that way, we believe there is a higher chance of misuse.

We manage risk at a portfolio level with diversification and strategic reserves, and at an individual level by using tools that are stable and within the control of our clients, not the market – cash flow and reserves, insurance, and the ability and desire to earn income and structure lifestyle.