Why U.S. Boston

Many firms say they provide exceptional wealth and investment management services. At U.S. Boston, the proof is that most of our clients, and the family and friends they have referred, have been with us for decades..

Experienced Advice on What Matters Most.

At U.S. Boston, we listen carefully and care deeply about our clients and their families. We seek to understand each client’s personal values, concerns, limitations and opportunities.  Our deep knowledge and experience of the markets, investments, and financial matters form our objective “subject matter expertise.” And while investment management and wealth management expertise is the reason many clients join us, we believe our clients remain with us for the course of their lifetimes because we help them better understand, respond to, and manage the very personal choices they face in their lives, families and businesses.

Our clients benefit from our principals' collective knowledge and wisdom gained from study and experience. By combining backgrounds in finance, accounting, business, law, financial planning, education, and charitable institutions, we have built a firm with the distinct mission to serve the individual needs of each client across all of life's stages.

We offer many services in house, but not all. In areas that require additional expertise, we introduce our clients to trusted specialists who supplement our advice. We serve as the single point of contact to ensure client financial decisions are well-integrated with lifestyle decisions.

Finally, at U.S. Boston, we also are fortunate in that the depth and longevity of our client relationships allows us to grow wiser by virtue of the opportunity to "live hundreds of lives" simultaneously. We personally have guided our clients through many life transitions, crises and opportunities and frequently are the "first call" when something occurs in the life of one of our client families. Why? Because we help our clients solve problems. We distill information to simplify complex decision making. And, we provide resources, structure and discipline for the implementation of decisions over time.

Individualized, Comprehensive Service

We choose to commit to a high level of personalized service for a select group of clients, rather than a modest level of service to many.  We help our clients pursue their goals, and we save our clients time and effort by handling many of the administrative functions necessary to manage financial assets and income. If there is a way we can follow up on a matter for our clients, we will.

We also prepare each of our clients’ meeting agendas, balance sheets, and investment recommendations ourselves – we never outsource that work to an external computer program or firm that can’t possibly integrate individualized needs. While the result may not be a fancy presentation book, such “takeaways” are not the product we seek to produce. Our product is simply the set of recommendations and solutions that result from the application of our knowledge and wisdom to our clients’ individual needs and opportunities. Our “takeaways” are hand-prepared, comprehensive “life” balance sheets and individualized summary letters detailing all of our mutual decisions and follow-up items. We then use these summaries to keep all of us on track and to provide structure, discipline and a way to monitor progress.

Independent and Small by Choice

U.S. Boston Capital is independent and privately owned and has been so since its inception in 1969.  While we have working relationships with many major financial institutions and entities, we are not owned or managed by anyone but ourselves. This helps us focus on long-term stewardship of our business for our most important constituent – our clients.

At U.S. Boston Capital, we also are a small firm by choice.

We believe in growth to maintain our vitality for the future – for ourselves and our clients – but we do not feel the need to strive to be the biggest on the block. We are large enough to be stable, profitable, and capable of negotiating for the appropriate services we need – but small enough to control the quality of our clients’ experiences. 

At U.S. Boston Capital, we believe that staying small allows us to be more nimble than large institutions in responding to opportunities in the market. We also believe that many investment opportunities are small not large – and overrunning them with too much money will destroy their inherent value.

We have grown cautiously, as we believe that the combination of analytical ability, emotional intelligence, and character needed to provide the insight and wisdom our clients deserve is not easy to find.  We will not compromise our level of service by diluting the experience.